gasTrading's aim is to assist companies manage their gas sales and purchases in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

gasTrading has developed a unique set of tools which:

  • Facilitate the management of natural gas contracts,
  • Improve liquidity in the natural gas market; and
  • Lower the transaction costs for all involved in natural gas contracting.

Continued investment in developing these tools ensures that gasTrading stays abreast of the current situation in the natural gas market.





The Offer Summary July has been updated and shows a softening of prices with the minimum priced bid of $4.15/GJ and an Average Price of $4.26/GJ. There has been a small increase in anticpated volumes to 202 TJs.


Volumes came in close to forecast this month with volume at 172TJ compared with forecast of 179TJ. Competitive pressures have seen lower than usual volumes traded compared to the prior month at 280TJ. Prices came in on forecast continuing the convergence of the pricing range to $4.32/GJ average.


Market activity saw volumes come down for the month at 220TJ compared with forecast of 280TJ, with price coming in at forecast.


Total volume traded this month was slightly higher than forecast at 348TJ compared to forecast of 307TJ. Average price came in at forecast at $4.40/GJ and maximum price slightly lower than forecast at $4.46/GJ.